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Hearts Desire 1

By: goldenpetal

Page 1, Poems from Love

A time has come where reality is in full view. A place to please is when you trust me to be your strength and guidance in a time where a wrong move will mislead you and all will doubt the truth you have spoken of. My children proclaim the honor  they have for Me as all the world watches intently. As you represent all my hearts desire we stand and back the Word as your foundation in the land where some will tire. A fire within will propel you through as others will doubt and not be able to move. Our compassion is set forth in truth for fear is not a place where prosperity will rule. Set your pace and charter your trip for the world needs a face lift. Their view needs to be up looking to God above not to the ground where their hope is under a curse. Trust me in this for I need not lead astray yet will love in the most desirable way.

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