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Just As You Are

By: goldenpetal

Page 1, Poems from Love

I see the truth in the light of day a place before us in a special way. Can we tell anyone about love by the look on our face. Should we express the love of God with our lips which sputter nonsense. I saw you trying to do what has been expressed to you yet all the while you tire so fast because the hand of wrath lends itself to a place that some find a disgrace. I toil not and lend a hand that makes this process effortless for in my grace is a place of forgiveness and rejuvenation. Please do not feel so bad because of the place that mistakes were made. I saw and guarded your heart from pain yet the words we heard did not line up with love and your angels sit aside waiting for you to celebrate the place of forgiveness, joy, and love did you not know I watch from above. I need to say all this in love. Let go of the turmoil and trade it in for love. I place you in a comforting chair and read your Bible with so much care. If your mind wont stop reeling around just open your mouth with a song of love. If you dont sing much at all speak the word Hallelujah over again. For praise can be sung like a charm or spoken so softly in love. A tune will change the heart so fast with tears that purify you at last. I hold a place so dear to me a floral escapade beaming with beauty. I can say all this to you knowing it will be received in truth. I smell beauty when I look at you just a place of simple truth. Can we say right from wrong with a perspective in the sand. Try today to look up to love and worship Kingly gems of truth. For if you start your day with me I will need a tree to post all my thoughts of retrospect a place that flows with love today as a point of my grace. I wish you understand these words of truth for I never stopped loving you. Come close and reflect your face when I see Jesus.

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