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By: goldenpetal

Page 1, Poems from Love

Friends are like love. They will be there when needed. They will support you from the beginning to end. They will rapture the pain in your heart by listening to your words. They seem to understand the pain and give you the need to claim your life again. Perspective is essential to the cause that we need to claim our position on trial. For if we trust our senses we seem to go around and around like a place of disease. It is ok in the beginning yet we end up deeper in a pit that needs to realize we can not help ourselves without extreme wisdom from a friend. You know a true friend when beginning to end never doubts or voices an opinion without considering his needs just the place of justice so we can unite in trial and trouble and never doubt our strength because we are connected to the King of Kings. This life you have some compare to a game all players are on the board according to the rules of shame we shall conquer and build our name not caring for the other name our goal is to claim our position for their name. I will win and feel strong defeated for a while but after this trial I will send you away knowing I have safety when others wont come close. My friend I see the players they tend to honor themselves for in this game we call life some say it is me, myself and I. I need to tell you neighbor love is the highway to success bless others as fast and often as you can and you will advance fast. I did the unexpected and rose higher than the mind will conceive to set the record straight how much my Father loves thee. You shall claim your inheritance and do as you see others do for in this battle you shall love them too. If your emotions feel angry sad and bad your health will reflect pain, inflammation and stress. If you need a place of love prosperity and wealth just reply to this letter with love, honesty and truth. Some seek my face and look only above just look to others who respond to you in love you know who my children are they will always treat you well they live the Word of God and lay hands on to heal, so listen closely to these words established as omega you shall reign supreme and receive benefits unheard of. I can tell you how you are a winner my love just trust me in this and do as I have told read this letter often it will keep you in remembrance . I have come that you have Life and have it more abundantly so cherish this time I have spent with you for this nation needs my love flowing through you. Amen.

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