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Petal for Prayer

By: goldenpetal

Page 1, Poems from Love

A flower Petal shall touch the hearts of man and describe a plan that covers the soul in an irreversible plan. A place to be is satisfied in me and all shall see the victory you have in me. I come to say if you play and focus on the lusts of flesh you reap a consequence. For the truth be told the old would say I wish I had done this another way. To see the beauty in my plan is to view a petal up close at hand. To come to a top of the mountain view is to be set aside in the truth. I shall be a sweet smell today always looking in love at your way. Focus on beauty think not of war for peace will surround you no matter the score for governments wave tossed to and fro yet my faithful will no be so. I come in love and leave a trace for all to see my abundant grace. Amen.

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