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By: goldenpetal

Page 1, Poems from Love

So soft and sweet are my children to me. So come and honor me hold close to your heart my trust do not impart the rage of a nation who plans are far away from deliverance. To protect yourself you must stay safe live in my shelter and never look down for if you trust me we will have a time where all your pains are laid aside I give love in the morning joy in the afternoon peace at night to see you through. I travel the planet just to be with you for I am close let my love draw on you. I created a beauty a specimen of love this must be shared given from above to tell the world of your home does not work with a frown. Please understand the position I speak for I am not at all weak I want you to understand you are a vital part of this plan. I comprehend from the start your leadership qualities I will impart so please come close and let me pour on you my Spirit of truth. I offer you joy and love as I watch and smile from above this place I see is filled with love never to trust the mind alone. Your petals are velvet with a heart so true all I want is to love on you. I see this place of many spoils yet I hedge you in with my dreams of joy. Receive believe and act upon the promises in Isaiah 29. Amen.

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