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By: goldenpetal

Page 1, Poems from Love

In this day and time we shall not walk blind for the truth be told of a land to behold. A place where truth is King and love leads us in everything. Shall we treat each other with respect and ask for a favor knowing we are blessed. For this land is a place we treat with love and know not pain. In a time where beauty flows from a heart made of Gold. The leaf to heal the nations true give to a place I have assigned to you. I shall honor and respect a heart that is true yet not perfect. For I see you through Jesus who redeemed you in the cause of love. Your goal today is to forgive and help the land that shall repent. I trade your pain for joy and hate for love knowing that all kindness will prevail. It may surprise you where we turn to see the love that the people so dearly need for in this place a choice for you tremble not for I trust you to do as I lead and say the word for my shield is put in place to protect with my saving grace. If you struggle and toil about your place of love is not a choice for you operate on your own for in grace I will bring you home to a place we need to hear my faithful one I love you that is clear. On your next venture please respect the Spirit I sent to comfort and guide for in time you can work well yet place all fear aside. Arm in arm hand in hand it is time to love the land a place of truth that operates with time given from above harvest when the time is right. Know all this is put in you and the Spirit will guide you to a place of victory just trust and love it will bless me. Amen.

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