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By: goldenpetal

Page 1, Poems from Love

A totem pole represents a truth to what people believe is truth it stands tall as we admire what was carved in grain for all to see as they look and walk by. I represent all of Heaven as I was mortified in the view by some and some laughed and spit who did not understand. I sent love to heal and I sent my love to tell of the way that would save for laws control by choices sent out and reality will manifest as it is always a choice. I give to give and I love to heal I always will say come close my dear. I please to know what I see in your heart as truth revealed is there from the start. I shall be clear as you watch and understand the plan revealed by the hand of man. I view the truth in your heart and displayed by words flowing like a river from your mouth so be careful what you say for I know the results are on the way. Amen.

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