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By: goldenpetal

Page 1, Poems from Love

A peace is for those who desire the best a place of love all shall rest and when they see the truth today you will show how special it is to be loved again. I tempt not for all shall see love revealed when you obey me. I speak with a purpose and need all to know that the world is a place that tells all to praise of a King above so special as love they know yet protected by hands of love. I shall speak these words of truth and represent the love I have for you knowing all is well today as you trust me all along your way. I see special as a commodity representing your love in full bloom. Please my children look away from stress given at the tip of fear and counsel not the flesh today for it operates from a place of quick response in all its ways. Some shall say to love and trust if you can see above the rest yet all is well when we love and trust the King from above. These words apply to levels of love when they offer truth today for such is life with choices to make and trust compared to pain and strife. So shall all revel in the past and stand up to dance and cast off troubles as they matter not for love prevails as strength today with wisdom shielding all the way. The truth comes from a worldly view where love overrides and will not fool you. All I can do is offer truth and wait for you to accept the words I have given you as they manifest in your heart the power is put in effect and all will shine above the rest. A key to remember at all times is love and forget not the best that died for you and honor Him in all you do. For if we let the Word get away we will drift far away. The process of deceit is a quiet one and shall shock the one who sees the power it has to separate you from me. The enemy watches quietly to develop a strategy that goes on for years to come and pull a veil over the heart to make sure we hurt the most in this time. I say to you dont do as you feel surround yourself with my Words which will free you from the pain in your heart and replace it with joy from the start. The heart and eyes are combined to counsel the mind so be careful what you see and believe for the time will represent the path of choice that will last for all generations to hear about. I know of you and understand where you are in the land so just decide to hold my hand and honor all of my plan. Amen.

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