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Today I am

By: goldenpetal

Page 1, Poems from Love

A special time includes love surrounded with people who care about you and the matters of your heart. I see clearly when the trust is so special and the truth be told for the nations are watching with all eyes on you when the world swells in pain we just proclaim Jesus is Lord over the truth planted in our heart and we surprise the garden of life as we honor and praise our King for He is everything. I shall proclaim with my lips the overflow fountain which exists that flows from truth we accept fortunate. When you are kind I feel your love when you slay demons I rejoice. To conquer principalities and powers use the words I gave you in the Bible. To receive truth use the words I sent you. To honor the King use words I have given and proclaim the truth today so simple in all your ways. I need to see you speak love from the heart and know it is so simple as the wealth now starts for prosperity is my wish for you just honor this simple truth Jesus is Lord we honor His name and all other thoughts will fall away for in truth we reign supreme and give God our everything. I speak in love just for you now go and do as I have done and watch the world turn to love. Amen.

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