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The Social Paradigm

By: henryricesmith

Page 1, When we live in a world in which 1.7 billion people live in absolute poverty, 22,000 children die everyday due to lack of food, safe water and healthcare, when 60% of the Earths ecosystems are facing collapse, one thing is true, we cannot carry on this way.

A civilisation held back by those who promise it.
Leading us to believe we live this life with wants not needs.
Trying to distort us to the problems growing round us,
Creeping up our spines and making us learn to live in blindness
A fabrication, pulled over our eyes so we can’t see
The true meaning of what it is to be, or how to live in peace,
And I see this now, as I learn more from our world,
That we’re edging ever closer to just a story that was told.
A culture based on the exploitation of life,
The root cause of poverty, wars and human strife.
We live and we breathe the media, telling me how I should be,
How to live like everyone and fit in this regime.
“Sit them down in front of a TV screen”
Let the seasons pass by and watch them scream for what they haven’t seen
Open your eyes and try and see what I can see.
I’ll bow down to you now if you can convince me we are free   
We need to let go of this system we hold so dear,
And realise our lives are much greater without the fear
Of having to pay bills, it’s just a way to keep us down
To stop us asking questions whilst they rob us pound by pound.
There’s a dept engrained into every boy and girl
A price and a name tag, for those who own to sell,
A slavery auction to determine your roll
If you want to live in this life, you have to pay your toll.
A monetary system that praises those that wrong,
Those that spit down on the very ground they came from,
Those that privatise our basic human rights
Then sit back and enjoy the delights of a billion lives.
A change is coming, and we shall claim back what is ours
As we start to see the foundations around us fall apart
The chains are breaking, and finally humanity can breathe,
Give the power to the people and see what we can achieve.

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