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By: Indie Skreet

Page 1, love poem after end of affair

I see your ghost in every room

Mocking my daily gloom

It was over far too soon

Considered not, foretelling doom

I hear your ghost at every turn

Miss the words that made me yearn

And often made my stomach churn

Long for what and can’t return

I taste your ghost in every breath

And have so very little left

Constantly am bereft

I have died a certain death

I feel your ghost with every tear

Wallow in my loss and fear

Will my pain disappear

Before the end of this long year?

I hate your ghost with every sigh

Remember each and every lie

I can't forget you although I try

And perhaps I won't until you die

I crave your ghost with bare desire

Left ashes in my burning fire

Puncture in my rubber tyre

A tortured life due to expire

I plead your ghost will go by light

As grieve for it every night

No longer there to hold me tight

Or recreate wanton delight

I need your ghost to go away

No longer game I want to play

And to survive cannot delay

A better life than yesterday

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