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JFM's Poetry Compilation

Poetry By: jfm98

Tags: Poems, By, Jfm, Enjoy

Hello! If you are wondering where all of my poetry went...IT'S Here!

Submitted:Dec 26, 2008    Reads: 124    Comments: 4    Likes: 0   

Hello again! I want to know which of my poems are your faveorite, so on the comment section, tell me! Thanks and enjoy!

Oh...These are all challenges btw!

Title: Photo Album of the Ages
Photo Album
Empty, yet unaware
Of longing memories yet to come
The children acknowledge their liberty
And the sands of time melt away in an empty room
Where a once chronic women once lived
Title: Rain on a Stormy Night
Rain is joyfully falling on my umbrella
My raincoat crackles as rain falls onto it
The multitude of puddles crackle as I leap on top of them with great force
The joy of the storm welcomes my feet
Title: I Got Nerve! By Hannah Montana
The solar skies are divine
As the pterosaurias fly threw my mind
I'll be contained
When I go to Maine
'Cause I got nerve
No matter what you serve
My sheet crumples
My heart rumbles
My mind is out of the box
My father is like a fox
Who finds his way
Throughout the day
No matter what you say
I got nerve

Title: Fate is Endless

The fate of the world is on your shoulders
My hope for you is a fragile one
The loss of kindness is wounded when the devil walks your way
The swirling tornado is nothing compared to the fate of the world
Raindrops fall as the world dies
All hope will be lost if you do not feel compassion for the human race

Title: Spring is Here!!

The trees rustle
The wind may die
The couple quickly hustles
As the birds fly
The flowers blossom
The children scare the owl whos wise
The man sees an opossum
As the woman cries
Springtime is near
In hopes to spread a multitude of cheer
Title: Starry Eyed Monster

The great stars glitter

As the great birds rigor
Awaken the monster below
Which then causes a great roe
So the monster decides to leave
Because these birds are his pet peeve
As he went up the great mountain
To wish from the great fountain
For a new place to live
So the Gods decide to give
Him his most cherished wish
They told him to take a lucky fish
And they told him the rules
That he must take the fish to the great pools
Whenhe threw the fish
And said his wish
He was transported to the sky
Even though he thought he might die
But when he became a star
He knew he would go far
Now whenever we drive a car
Or complain about a czar
We know in our heart
How this starry eyed monster was so smart
As to wish for a new home
So he would not have to live alone
Title: "Toxic" By Britney Spears

"With the taste of your lips...a taste of poison paradise..."

Love is hard
Like the mushy song of a bard
Your lips taste of poison
My heart is broken
Whenever you leave me
I can never feel free
I see you all around the round table
Like King Arthur on cable
I'm on a fast ride
I can't choose a side
Free me baby
Free me from this toxic love and save me
Title: Kayla

Kayla is my lovely Valentine

She is so beautiful, giddy and sublime
I love her always and I worry for her when she has infested bile
No matter what, she is always worth my while
We are like an Ancient mold
When we are together, we are never cold
We see old and wise men pass us by
She always cries when she sees someone die
I will always love her
I know this for sure
Our love is first rate
I knew I found my true love on the first date!
Title: My Life is Perfectly Disastrous
My life is perfectly disastrous
Yellow is too bright
Lemons are too sour
Innuendo is old news
Flowers are dying
Emus are eaten
Igloos are melting
Sugar is not real
People die everyday
Emos are "in"
Roads are paved where trees once stood
Farms are built as the rainforests deteriorate
Elephants are poached just because of their tusks
Christ is needed more than ever
Telemarketers call too much
Love is hard to find
Younger and younger teenagers are getting pregnant
Dumb is the new smart
Immature children grow up to be immature adults
Schools have mostly women applying to them
Alimony is rising as marriages die
Sickness is growing throughout the world
The world is dieing because of Global Warming
Risk, the game, is now played in today's world
Obesity in the United States is growing
Urchins are hunted and even eaten
So what can we do to stop this?
Title: Fiery Kiss
I don't know why
I'd maybe die
If I never tasted the fire in your kiss again
It felt like heaven
I am in love with you
Because you make me feel brand new
Our bed of fire
Makes me a stone cold lire
When I tell of it
To my ex-boyfriend, Brad Pitt
It makes you no dull boy

Because you are my man toy!


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