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Dear Sargent.

By: JiDonnelly

Page 1, to someone i knew my whole life and sadly passed away. R.I.P James Mcpherson.

Dear Sargent

From me to you

all our memories are alive safe and sound

remembering everything you use to say and do

not a day goes by were you're not around

we all think about you each and everyday

although fate torn us apart

in each and every detailed way

forever and always you are in our hearts

im still you're GI and you're still my sargent too

I have pushed my way through the crowd

we really really miss you

i so hope i have made you proud

to James Mcpherson from broken hearts

although we continue our lifes

you are in all parts

and from you're GI who cant speak because it pains to say

that the GI's sargent is not here today

You're pictures stay put up on our wall

we love and miss you sargent

lots of love from us all


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