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Flashing Thoughts

By: Juli Monat

Page 1, The fiction to destroy the world, just for the thrill.

Flashing Thoughts


I was trying to get some sleep, but then this

Damn noise came from the other room,

Now what? Well, push the button and throw

The bomb.


They told me, hey, now you are old and sick

No way you can do this or that, we don’t

Want you around here anymore, so pick

Up your stuff and go to hell, ok? I have no

Choice, push the button and throw the bomb.


I’ve been looking to have some relief and

Peaceful living life, bother no one, no one

Bother me, but then again came Mr. G,

You can’t have a rest; we will do our best,

Well, I said, there’s no point, push the

Button and throw the bomb.


There are too many people entering my

House, they don’t even ask for my

Permission, they drink my water, eat my

Food, they rob me, or even try to kill me

They don’t give a damn about anything,

What’s the story? Well push the button

And throw the bomb.


Lately all these thoughts are giving me

A hard time, I can’t go out, or swim,

Ride my bike, and sometimes I can’t

Breathe at all, the solution, push the

Button and throw the bomb.


I guess this is the only real solution for

All the bad things around here, no

Place to go, no place to hide, look for

The bees hive and wait for the fall out,

Push the button and fuck them all.


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