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Fall is near

By: K Cub

Page 1, it has i story tang to it but it\'s some how a poem i hope u like and or enjoy it



The leaves dance all around me surrounding me with an orange, red, and yellow rainbow.

The air sings to me like my mother every night fowled with a kiss good night.

Tonight is the night, the night the big kids are out to get me, but tonight is my night, my night to be the princess of the world and eat as much candy as my small tummy can hold and nothing can stand in my way…

Tonight was my night to play with the ghost, and goblins like a bird playing Russian rolute with a trapped cat stuck in the same tree. Instead I rest here in my pretty little room laying down in my Cinderella bed fighting with an angry chough.

It’s been two weeks of playing with the devil, he like to tease my lungs so it’s hard to breath and sleep on my stomach so I wake late in the night crying with tears of sorrow filling my eyes and dripping all over the bathroom floor. At times I feel my finger tips and feet go as numb as a broken tree limb.

My mother enters my room with a bowl of hot chicken broth. I feel the warm liquid trickle down my throat causing me to choke, my father rushes to my side as he throws his arms around me and runs to the truck. I feel the bitterness of the once singing air nipping ay my unclothed skin.

We arrive at the hospital and check out the next day.

December 8 my father comes home to a weeping mother, at the front door, my father ruses to my room with the stinch of death filling the air,

No more tears filled my eyes just a smile dancing on my lips.

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