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By: KaeNichole

Page 1, Something sweet for my boyfriend. ♥ .

W|o it nothing seems possible, body aches & longs for comfort.

All of the questions in life have no meaningful answers,

Colors are dull, taste bland.

Nothings the same w|o my drung in hand.

Smiling doesn't come easy, believeing there is happiness does'nt work.

Trying to survive w|o it, only makes me more miserably incomplete

going thru' some of the harshest withdrawals I can't compete.

Weak, I am w|o this sense of intoxication

saddened, I feel w|o the warm sensation

wistful, sitting here alone needing it, no hesitation.

Aside from the emotional sacrifice, life's fallen into phase two : _____

Desccication ___.

My addiction stands beneath the stars, above my sight.

Relaxes my spirit on cold restless nights

Intoxicates my body, dilutes my pain

Places smiles on my face, keeps me sane.

I can't stand to fight it, don't want to be w|o

Don't feel in any danger, beside the fire I can't put out

Happiness & Sanity___. Peace of mind

I run into the arms of addiction, w| the sense knowing its mine.

_ 6'3" , dark skin, brown eyes, LOVES ME, larhe hands, big heart, sweet love. [Elijah E. Stokes] thats ADDICTION for me_.

♥ K.Nichole

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