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Dont Die.

By: KaeNichole

Page 1, After crying myself to sleep on night, the next morning this was repeating in my head \"Don\'t die.\" SO I wrote this.

Thru' the tears, burns, scarring & pain

I'm not going to let go of my life. 

Feels the worst now & I'm at my weakest peak.

but true to it, my family, babe, God are here for me__.

I thought I overdosed lastnight _

Woke up feeling sick & emotional.

but I keep being told.

It will be okay, you just have to fight.

I'm a fighter, survival story & heavy heart.

I'm a lover, abused being w| potentioal to leave my love's marks.

So I struggle to tell myself 

"Don't Die."

I have to much life to live.

So much more I can offer and give.

So I fight.

So that I might,

be alright.

Even if it doesn't happen tonight,

w| patience I can conquer my fight..

I won't die... at least not tonight__



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