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A Friend Lost

By: kagra15

Page 1, Read and see for your selves, I wrote this when a close friend of mine took his own life from the hands of grace

A friend lost,
Means less one person to care for,
One less person to be loved,
And more pain brought,
A friend loss is like lossing a piece of urself,
Imagen if u lost a friend u were close to,
Would u not morn for them?
Would u not feel some sort of guilt for not knowing what was wrong?
would u not feel like there should have been something more that you should have done,
You tried despirtly to help,
But they never cared for help,
Yet they felt alone,
Even thought they were souronded by those who cared,
Those who tried to help,
But in the end,
They took their own life.

By:Chelsea M. Pelkey

For: A lost friend

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