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Final twilight

By: kagra15

Page 1, A poem of what i think of the world so so

Looking up at the stars,
Past my very own scars,
To the light above me,
A light so bright I go down on my knee,
I see what may be,
What the world could become,
If only we werent one cord like a guitar strum,
When the Day becomes bathed in light,
We will all be wishing for a night,
To see the world bathed in twilight,
And not captured in a skylight,
I see what i can be,
What i want for me,
A life with friends and joy,
So I guess i will not be coy,
I'll help them see the twilight,
Not clouded by the city skylight,
Friends of all can see,
What Is really ment to be,
For this place so close to our hearts,
And let it be know what we stand for,
Love, joy, happiness, but nay, not War.

    By: Chelsea Pelkey

Copy right: December 2010

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