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i am a weed

By: kitteh

Page 1, Inside and out i will one day be a flower


I am a weed 

No one wants me growing in their backyard 

They pull me up and throw me out 

But I grow back 

I follow them everywhere 

Not letting them forget what they have done to me 

Making them rue the day they did it 

I only grow stronger 

Along the way someone else throws me out 

But I’m stronger 

And they immediately regret it 

People look at me in disgust 

They don’t realize what I can do 

Or how strong I am 

It’s the makeup we wear over our souls 

That make us look pretty 

But no one knows how ugly we are inside 

We are all weeds 

A disgrace to all beautiful flowers 

But one day a handful of us will be that beautiful 

Inside and out

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