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Chopping Block Romance

By: krptdnacnce

Page 1, Maybe just a reminance

chopping block romance
Current mood:mellow

I feel the Suns warmth upon my shoulders.

The breeze that caresses my skin or is it a lovers skilled calloused hands,

A moment imagined and a minute  for real...

But its an illusion

In all

I dream  and I feel.

I feel the suns warmth for some tyme and I think

flowing oceans of love...I sink..

The suns warmth has warmed the sand no longer under feet

and echoes of laughter that mankind cant cheat

Lovers words spoken tenderly yet in a voice thats low and gruff

And I think out loud, to myself,

I dont use my chopping block enough...

screeching emitts from boiling waves

accepting of the warmth it craves

Did the sun warm this puddle,

the teardrop that has dropped?

light of the air;


 then rise then popped

the bubbles, the wave, the water, the meaning of dreams

cared for but neglected, the chopping block, so it seems

tossing swirling circling the bubbles oh my

the sum warms  my memories of tymes gone by

so leaveing the outdoors I must go back inside

and clear away the unused chopping board I never thought  to hide...

I'll put it in the cabinet and get back to it someday

for now I wish the warmth of my lover to never go away...

The feel of the warmth from the light of the sun

My pot on the stove is boiling over

And my daydreaming must be done


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