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Say you wont care.

By: LaceyGerardMonroe

Page 1, my fifth peace. I wrote this piece a couple of years ago. please leave your comments. This was the first time that I was in love and the first time I got my heart broken.

Say you wont care.

This feeling tairing,

tairing at my soul.

You just left,

no more words.


I miss the feeling,

your soft lips,

your soft skin,

your beautiful eyes.


You said you cant,  

cant no more.

I stood there,

trying not to show,

show the pain,

the pain you left.


You tell al your friends,

about my pain.

Not a tear,

no not the one.


With tears in my eayes,

I watched you leave.

I went over.

It was to late.


Say you wont care.

Say you dont care.

The moments die,

Cant live without you.


I am no saint,

I am no superman.

Your no angel,

no my dear.


I am infected with this pain,


I am breaking down,

My soul is tairing down.


You said you love me,

say you dont care.

Say you cant remember,

Say you wont care.

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