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Death in Colour

By: Lavendersilk

Page 1, An experience whilst given birth to my eldest son.

Death in Colour

The child inside me making me strain

The last thing I remember is imaginable pain

When suddenly I was floating and so very light

Felt sudden warmth and saw colours so bright

Colours of red and gold and blue

Colours of an indescribable hue

Flying towards me they wrapped me around

In colours of beauty they had me abound

They picked me up with such gentle love and care

Blowing over me softly and I realised I was bare

They flew me back to the hospital bed

To cries of “my god please, no, is she dead?”

The loss of the colours bring only a tear

As I cry “It’s ok, I am still here”

I lie there thinking of the colours now gone

I am calm and peaceful for they are not wrong

But death to me always and forever will be

Colours of beauty that again I will see.

LavenderSilk 2013

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