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Broken But Still Lovin'

By: magicfoot2011

Page 1, This is a poem.

You broke me.

You tore me apart.

You said you hoped it wouldn't hurt.

Oh, you were wrong.

I hope you break.

I hope that I tear you apart with harsh words.

I hope you hurt like I do.

But then again,

I still love you.

I don't want you to hurt.

Wanting you to be in pain,

would tear me up on the inside.

I wish you never told me,

I wish I never knew.

I may be broken,

but I'm still in love with you.

My heart is broken in two,

but I'm still lovin' you.

You need to know that,

no matter what you say,

or what you do,

I could never stop loving you.

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