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My Human Novacaine

By: magicfoot2011

Page 1, The one I am with, makes my physical pain evaporate.

We shared many kisses today.

And with each kiss,

my fondness of you grew.

You're all I can think about.

All I dream about.

When I wake up,

I jump out of bed,

waiting to see your smiling face.

And when I do see your smile,

I know that this life is worth living.

I wait for the time I get to see you.

When we're not together,

I feel no physical pain.

But when you hug me and I hold you,

there's nothing besides us.

I look into your eyes,

and see nothing but love.

I feel the beat of your heart when we hug,

and know that I'll always love you.

You may think that you're full of flaws.

But I think,

that the more flaws you have,

the more human you are.

I think that you are the best person some one could fall in love with.

With all this love,

one has to think there is room for hate.

I am not sad to say,

they are VERY wrong.

With a love filled heart,

such as mine,

there is no room for hate,

only the sorrow that spreads it's wings over me when we're apart.

When we're together,

I never want to leave you.

When the time comes for us to say good bye,

a tiny part of me dies inside.

To some one that might say,

that I'm obsessed.

That may be true but it really means,

I love you.

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