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My Therapy-For Garrett

By: magicfoot2011

Page 1, So good to be me.

I'm not a normal human being.

I'm so used to seeing,

deep inside a person's heart.

Never expected to be torn apart.

I was broken for a while.

Hope was further than a mile.

But then you came into my life,

and ended my inner strife.

I can't help but wonder,

and my confusion was thrown under.

My family doesn't understand me,

because my true hear they can not see.

But you can see who I really am,

you understand that I'm not a sham.

I can't help but think to myself at night,

what would happen if I lived with no light.

Would I still have you?

Or would I be wrong in everything I do?

I'm glad I have you beside me,

because my true self you see.

You give me unseen therapy.

Knowing that my life has been bumpy,

you don't push me far.

Even though, on my heart, lies a scar,

I can still love as if in once piece.

I will never eve begin to cease,

doing the one thing I'm good at,

and that's loving with all I got!!!!

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