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With Everything

By: magicfoot2011

Page 1, I miss him.....everyday.

I must have done something right,

because for once in my life,

I've got something good.

All my life,

I've been wishing,

that I could be happy.

That hasn't come true,

until now,

because I have you

I've never felt this free,

or this relaxed.

If only you knew,

the effect you have on me.

I don't know,

anyone else like you.

You are unique in every way,

and that's one of the qualities,

in you that I love.

I have a feeling,

that I'm falling for you.

It's not a bad feeling,

in fact,

I welcome it with open arms.

You are a great person.

I wish that I knew more people,

just like you,

but then you'd be ordinary,

and wouldn't be special to me.

I'm glad we seem to be,

the only one's,

who actually care,

about what goes on,

in the world,

or each other's lives.

If not for you,

I would be so different.

I have a feeling,

that I'm falling for you.

And if I do,

I'll love you,

with everything I am.

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