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A smile is all it took to turn my day around

By: maystar

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I wake up in the morning,
Feeling generally dull.
I'm tired and sleepy,
And I don't want to get up.

Thirty minutes later,
I begin to get dressed,
Eat my breakfast ,
Brush my teeth.

And then I'm ready for school.
I get my oyster,
Money and tie.
Then I leave for school.

When my foot is oput the door,
it begins to rain.
It's raining cats and dogs.
I don't have an umbrella.

And my bus passes by,
It doesn't stop,
But manages to
splash me!

There's mud in the water,
And it stains my clothes,
I am late for school,
And to top it all up, I get a detention.

At the end of the day,
It is sunny and bright,
But when I walked out,
A thunder storm began.

I had lost my oyster,
And had no money left,
So I had to walk
All the way home.

When I get home,
I knock on the door,
No reply,
My mum's not home.

So I check for my keys,
It's was in my pocket,
But guess what, I checked
It wasn't there!

I sit on a brick wall,
Surrounding some grass,
Waiting in the rain,
For my mum to come home.

And then you came,
And smiled,
And suddenly, the rain stopped,
The sun shone.

And I started smiling too.
I reached in my pockets,
And found my oyster,
Keys and some money.

A smile was all it took,
To turn my day around.
And none of it mattered.
I was with you.

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