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Chloe is weird

By: maystar

Page 1, The first chapter is in haikus so. It is about 2 girls one of which is weird so the other doesn\'t likes her but she does not want to hurt her so she pretends.

Haiku Introduction

"Morning sir," I said

as I entered the classroom.

He replied with,"Hi,"

Then we all sat down

and the teacher introduced

the new girl in class.

Her name was Chloe

and she came from Canada

and Austrailia.

She had amber hair

and greenish, sapphire eyes,

and she was quite tall.

The teacher told her,

sit over there, Lee is her name.

He pointed at me.

She had a weird smile,

when she approached me,she had

her bag held in hand.

I brushed my hair back;

smiled as nicely as I could

then she said to me

"My name is Chloe

and I am new to this school

I feel very scared.

I miss where I was

but I want to start afresh,

so anyway Lee

is learning her fun?

The school is so massive.

"Yeah it is,"I replied.

"Is the work hard?

How do you find your way round?

Are the classes loud?"

Wow too many questions.

This girl is loud and so gassed.

She should shout her mouth.

I wanted to say

I don't even know you so stop,

stop babling on.

But I replied with,

"I am Lee rose Stepson hi,"

I'ld show you around.

She was so smiley

and very optimistic

I did not like it.

I did not like her.

and even worst she became

my neighbour.

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