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Happiness can't be bought

By: maystar

Page 1, It is about the harsh realisation that even if u seem happy it never lasts.

Large hooped silver earings,
I smiled at the thought,
Of a present- bought for me.
But later guilt riddened.
I thought about the sentimental value,
But there was none.
It was pure silver,
Which people had laboured for,
And forced to sell it cheaply,
The thought of people used and suffering,
But not him,
He bought it of the shops.
With all the money he had,
The loads of notes and money, he'll throw at me,
That made his gift meaningless.
The tonnes of presents he bought,
But I had to realise,
He was trying to buy my happiness;
But It didn't made me happy,
He was trying to mend,
A crack in the mirror,
That couldn't be fixed,
And it only made me realise more,
I was trapped,
In a dead end relationship that meant nothing more than,
The gifts he gave me.

He tried to buy my happiness,
But it made me sad.

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