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I am a girl and so what?

By: maystar

Page 1, i hate it when guys are sexist. Most thinks that girls should cook and clean but that is not fair. the basic stereyotype is wrong. I am a girl and so what?

I am a girl and so what?
I can do whatever a boy can,
Sometimes even better.
And I hate the general stereyotype,
That a girl has to cook and clean,
Cause why can't a man do it,
if they claim they're better?

I am a girl and so what?
It does not limit my talents.
Through ot history,
Girls and woman had to prove theirselves.
They had to protest befor heard.
But why? We are all human in this earth,
so why are we treated differently?

I am a girl and so what?
I can do it.
Because I have will power.
I try my hardest,
But where does it get me?
But all you'll do is underestimate and jugde.
I am better that what you think.


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