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Real and Fake Friends*

By: maystar

Page 1, friend ship poem

Poem bout friendship If the truth needs to be said,

A real friend will tell you the truth.
A fake friend will try spare your feelings.

A real friend won't care if your different.
A fake friend will try to change you.

A real friend will talk to you about everything and nothing, (hard to get them to stop)
but a Fake friend will talk to you only when neccesary.

A real friend won't have to ask for something,
But a fake friend will.

A real friend could write a biography on you.
A fake friend will only know what people tell them.

A real friend will comfort you in trouble and help sort problems.
A fake friend will do nothing.

A real friend will always wait,
But a fake friend will leave if you are late.

Real friends always last.
But fake friends never do.

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