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The fear*

By: maystar

Page 1, The fear of telling the person you like so.

I look over, and see you. I know I must do; what I promised myself too. Nows my oppurtunity, your all alone, I so desprately want to cross the road, and tell you. 'I like you' It can't be that hard, can it? I mean it's our last day of term, And we won't see for weeks. But for some reason, I stay still. I let you walk off, till I can't see you. Your gone. And I let you go. I let the fear get to me. Overthinking as usually. Letting 'what if' hold me back. What if he hates me, or has someone already, Or what if he laughs. What if he says nothing, And simply walks away? What if he tells everyone... And the 'what if's' scare me, so I expect the worse, now I'm left thinking, what if I told you?

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