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The riots

By: maystar

Page 1, It is a summary on how the goverment fails us

The many,
Hundreds killed.
Everything they had destroyed, because of the

Riots. The fires,
Injuries, the ruins left.
One person killed,
Thousands left to pick up the pieces. Many,
Suffering even more. But is it fair,

They blame the youth for the
Horrendous outcomes?
And it spead from from
Tottenham to everywhere else. But was

Death the only way to get the point through to the government?
Everyone still picking up the pieces for a falling nation.Their
Selfish behaviour.Not ours.Did they care about
Those buisnesses destroyed? Those people whoses lives are
Ruined and still have worse to come? But is the point really about
One persons death or a protest? And supposingly, the
Youths are to blame for it?
Everything,expenses, extracosts.
Do they even care about our education? It's our

Lives they're messing with.
It's always assumed that the
Violence is caused by kids. Is
Everything our fault or is it just to pass round blame a

And never mind,
None of the youth, they'll still be blamed for the
Death. The burden they have to carry for no reason.

Lives are getting harder,
Expenses are rising,
For most of us, but how is it
That the rich get richer?

Many of us can't tolerate,
And the goverment just make it worse.
now people have been pushed to revolt, it's not the
Youths fault, but

It is the Government.
no ones but them.

Rising prices,
Unfair isn'it?
It will only get worse from
now. And cause people have
Suffered, now they take action?!


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