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Shattered Hearts

Poetry By: MistressDragonRose

Basically it's my reflections after losing my true love due to death. Note: at the time of this poem/reflection being written n being posted it's been 6 months now.

Submitted:Sep 5, 2011    Reads: 16    Comments: 1    Likes: 0   

~Shattered Hearts~ It's been a month now since you slipped away from this world, leaving me cold and abandoned, The police are ruling it as a suicide...how can they be so blind yet claim to see, you weren't suicidal I know this for sure for gods sake we lived in the very same house shared the very same bed...you were always there an ever present being of love and hope in my life, from the very day I turned seven n you the dashing twelve oh my how you made my heart flutter, as time flew by on silent wings the icy hands of fate came for me in a whirl wind of drugs, alcohol, sex and even then you stood by my side using with me yet always protecting me for fear of someone coming to close to your "hatchling" as you playfully teased, as time grew weary you slipped away awhile I continued the journey alone scared n alone then one day you reappeared different then before yet still oddly you with those Tripp pants n chains n baggy old orange county chopper hoody smelling of marbarol red nicotine n ax perfume for men, pleading for me to stay with you that night insead of the party I was planning on, reluctantly I agreed to stay awhile since I hadn't seen you in damn near two yrs as we visited I knew that my knees were still weak n ya could get me to forget my name, you cunning sly sexy fox you, as the minutes turn to hours I say "alas I must go, give me a ring on the morrow n we shall chill once more" you give me a haunting pleading look whisper almost to the wind "please just stay the night with me there shall be other parties" I sigh as I feel myself fall captive to your sexy bad boy charm and your hauntingly gorgeous emerald eyes, so I curl up next to you once more upon the bed. The dawn awakens us with a sharp rapping upon the door, you ask me to wait in the bedroom I nod spreading out on the queen size bed n absently look about the room smiling softly to myself as I notice the posters of the pinup girls, noticing the sound of urgency in the man's voice whose at the door you allow him inside n come to me in the bedroom n whisper in my ear "it's a policeman he needs to talk to you, you're not in trouble it's to do with party you would of gone to had I not begged you to stay" as I stand my heart pounding with fear I learn of a beating of a girl close to my age n complexion due to the fact she couldn't pay her 'debt' to the supplier known as "Lord of Chaos" to those who didn't know him well, my heart skids to a learching hault n slowly begins to thud as I slowly realize that young woman could of been me, the officer thanks me for my time n bids us a good day I nod mute with dread, you sit beside me n tell me about how last night you were given $50 to bring me to the lord of chaos n would be given another $120 once I was placed into his sickening clutches, but refused cuz you loved me more the words or money could ever express, so I began my journey to recovery with you by my side being the hella sexy goth boy cheerleader who made me feel on high with loves natural exstacy n we planed to marry this upcoming may of 2012, then our dream world came crashing hault, I'd been away at a support group meeting n we had agreed to meet at the coffee shop afterward so we could meet n hear the much anticipated news on if we were in fact expecting a bundle of hope n new promises for a brand new begining...I finish my meeting n go to the shop where we were often refered to as the "Pengamong" after our favorite animals the penguin (I) n you the dashing mongoose, yet you weren't there but I thought nothing amiss after all we had up till the early hrs preparing the bedroom for our much hoped for child, so I brushed it off as you simply being asleep still, so I ordered our usual the mint chocolate grass hopper, n waited for the call alone, I got the results that yes indeed we were in fact a month n two weeks with child, I hurry to our apartment as fast as I could n not even upon noticing our front door ajar do I begin to put the sickening puzzle pieces together. I notice the hoody I almost always have to pry off of you to get a glimise at your killer abs let alone give it a bath, that is when the hairs upon my neck begin to prickle, I go into our bedroom to find you on our bed face down upon the pillow which in itself is odd cuz no matter how tired you're your always asleep upon your side to pull me close n breathe sweet nothings into my ear causing us both to giggle, as I come nearer still I notice your pistil not more then five feet away from your hand, I sink to my knees crying hysterically from you to wake up n say it was all some sick joke, surely an hr passes by before I'm finally able to dry my eyes n call the cops n have them come up, they lift you by your raven wing onyx colored hair that fell just below your shoulders that often caused people to stand agape as they curiously ask "is that two women holding hands...exstanging a kiss?" n pronounce you two hrs dead by suicide. I stare at them in horror as I watch them take you away I plead for them to do an autopsy just to be sure cuz I know you were not suicidal they refuse n at least agree to be the ones to break the news to your parents that their eldest child n only son is dead at the age of 25, n I'm left to deal with the memories of you, me, and of the "us" we were so excited to become, I've since lost our daughter baby Harley Dawn not even a full month after losing you.... I'm sleeping in your hoody even though your scent has been since replaced by my own...it's a source off comfort to know your still with me even though it's by spirit. I Love You Now n 4 Eternity!! You're Wife, Peng as you'd affectionately call me even though you knew it pissed me off, may you be safe in the arms of the mother goddess, take care of Harley for me? *kisses* thank you bringing me back to the life of the living, even though you can't be physically here know I'm still clean cuz of you.


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