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X Girlfriend

By: mitternachtrose

Page 1, an xgf is cheating on her gf with me. well i broke up with her for cheating on me, so i feel utterly disgusted with myself

hows your girlfriend doing
does she know
that you cant keep your hands off of me

you cant resist
tracing your fingers over my neck and back
knowing how i once loved it

dont you rember when we were us?
i left you because you cheated
you think i want to help you hurt her

whats wrong with you?
keep your hands to yourself
stop making me want more

why cant i hate it
when you make my heart race
hitting my sweet spots

why wont you disapear
i cant take it anymore
pleasure has turned to disgust

i dont want your embrace
take your hands
go to who is yours

never again
i wont alow it
my mouth is no longer sealed

stop touching me
you have a girlfriend
we are in the past, grow up

please hear me please listen please stop

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