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By: neehu

Page 1, ITS about how ireally felt at certain bad situations in my life

 Its like am in this deep well
Surrounded by darkness
Surrounded by walls 
Am alive,but
Feel better to be dead....
Light is a distant sight,
I see the sun ,the moon,the stars,
Again i see them,no i don't feel them,
Feel am just not alive, 
Just feel am in this deep well,
too deep to be alive,
Then i remember the goal i had,
the promise i made to myself,
The person i wanted to be,
And the person i dont want to be,
Suddenly feel the darkness is going away....
No am not in this deep well....
I can see the sun,the moon the stars...
Am feeling them,
Feel its so good to be alive....
Feel if am strong enough to come out of darkness...
Am strong enough to face anything
Strong enough to be alive :)

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