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Life is a Riddle

By: Nora Yang Hitatori

Page 1, I dont know excatly where this poem excatly came from but one thing I know is that it came from the top of my head in randomness. Just reading it though makes me realize I just ryhmed, boredom knows how to make you do strange but cool things XD but for some reason it makes me laugh XD

Love is a mystery
Life is a history

A bowl is half empty
While it is half full

Friends is the ship
Sea is the family

Just moving along your way

Love is a history
Life is a mystrey

The world is freaking
While your moving on

Day is the night
Night is the day

Living in both is just the same

Friends are insane
You are just lame

Maybe you shouldn't lay around today

Insane is the cure
Normal is the sickness
Crazy is the medication

Is there something else I'm missing

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