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Some love needs to go.

By: PainWithoutLove

Page 1, :DD,this is we\' makes less since as i read of what i was feeling,i just felt confused so i put my scrap work together and made something i could read without care.


Cleansing my all, its time to forget your love to me,
no memory has left my mind or the words keeping me alive.
too long to reilize your needs,
when you have already forgotten me,
its not always just a dream; you cant rescue me,
sopost to relize what this means.
told me it's nothing,
now confincse me its everything.
but it didnt make it easier,i thought you would always tryed my best,
so over due you owe me now its through;i'm the one; you preaching at me,
make the rules up as you go.... i wont love you,i always will

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