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message from above

By: peacemaker06

Page 1, a poem written for a friend who lost her dad and her best friend.........

its the memories that hold the key
when you miss and cry over me
memories that warm your heart
memories made from the start

special moments we shared that will never dissappear
filling our souls with joy forever
a bond that can never be broken
a bond that is unspoken

so when you think of me don't shed a tear
for i am still here
watching over you from another place
i can even see your smiling face

for now, you must live life to the fullest
as you live in a place where time shouldn't be wasted
so taste every day like it was your last
because before you know it
it will be your past

i am in a place that knows no time
so i will see you again in the flick of a dime
then we can share the wonders of our lives together
up here, where the weather is better

till then just know that i love you with all my heart
and that we will never be apart.........

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