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the lives of people

By: Penelope Garenther

Page 1, our world is cold and it has manipulated people....

She's beautiful and popular
they tell ter she's gorgeous and shouldn't change
the confidence seems obvious in her eyes and in her stride
as she walks down the street
but on one knows
that she cries herself to sleep...

He's handsome, has lots of friends
hes got money and style
his car puts all the others to shame
hes a soccer-star, he seems obsessed with himself
no one knows he wishes he was someone else...

She's thirteen going through puberty
her parents are getting a divorce
shes got so much potential to do great things
but all she thinks she got is holes in her old sweater
too bad no one ever told her that she deserves so much better...

He slams the door
angry at mom
so he took his dad's gunĀ 
and took out all his anger on an innocent 15 year old girl
no one ever taught him killing was wrong
hes just reacting in anger and doesn't realize the damage he has done...

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