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The Time has Come

By: Pico

Page 1, just a poem I thought up, tell me what you think.

Three times five,I kept to strive since God opened my eyes, my work complete, my job is done, o great, here comes the end. One last thing next, my head perplexed, no way around it. Only for us, did God intrust of course so undeserving. Just keep on, just a blink, that’s all to end the madness, To get it all, that I wish, thought not possible. little care,much problematic people, since my day of one? do your jobs, this time robs, then, upward we spring. o green grass, now brown cause’ passed? why has no time attended? No sooner there, shorter than a stare, even as an eye a blinking. Please help me out, just lift the heavy, Iv’e treated some with kind. These stopped tires, I do admire only because you said. Though much pain, nothing I gain. Needed to seal the deal.

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