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Try to Kick it Back

Poetry By: Pico

Read it and comment please

Submitted:Mar 21, 2007    Reads: 122    Comments: 1    Likes: 0   

I got a story to tell. crazy glue, make sure you get it in the cracks and crevises, to put me back together, is not an easy task, but its not like I asked you to do it, it was your choice, the whole time, you knew it. See, your here to build me back up, start with the legs and work your way up, used to use them to run, so please pay extra attention, when you piece the flesh back together section by section "there will be some slight bruising", yeah I figured that much, wow, they both look great, "yeah, but don't try to stand up, just relax", ok I can handle that, thank you so much for this, how can I ever pay you back. Moving on to the hips, strap em in place, wrap the skin around,find my belly button, attach it at the base, put my heart in, yup, right there,before it was shattered it was way bigger I swear. Wow, this is awesome,this is super phat awesome. Father are you speakin to me, every girl that I fall in love with, she ends up makin me, put me back together, except for my brain, is my worst enemy, look at these people, still I tremble, why do they hate me. Get out my stomach, wow that feels great, like butterflies, this is like fate,destiny, that we met, you might be the best thing that ever happened to me and its a promise that I wont forget. Woke up to the test,yes,perfect,strap my neck on,"Here, see if you can turn it", Its a little stiff, but nothing to be concerned with, your doing a wonderful job honey, "Well, you deserve it", really? why stop now, make sure my back is all connected, even the shoulder blades, because they tend to get soar from all the punchin and kickin I do, "Why do you do that?", because life beats me down, and I try to beat it back, its awesome, I cant wait for you to see it, and believe it, because I know, I try it with the best of em', "Well, we'll see about that", ahh great, she's just like the rest of em'. And when the butterflies turn into butcher knives, Father are you speakin to me?, every girl that I fall in love with, she ends up making me, put me back together, except for my brain is my worst enemy, look at these people, still I tremble, why do they hate me. Im gunna try to disregard that last comment, because this is the most crutial part of my reinstallment, my mind, see, its not just placing my brain there, my memories are scattered on the floor, in the basement, oh, see that one, it was seventh grade, her name was Ashley, I fell in love for the first time, and I changed, and I learned a lot at a young age, like how to deal with real pain, adults, they didn't care, my friends thought that I was so lame, "Thats funny", well, put it in, " I don't know, I mean, do you really need it again?", They're my memories, "Well, we'll make new ones", I don't want to lose em', I mean this is who made me who I am, " but I built you and I should have a say in this, don't you agree?", No, Im me and your you, see, two different people, not one, I knew it was only a matter of time before trouble begun. And the moral of the story is, ahh whatever, SELF-DESTRUCT


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