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I love him; I love him not.

By: Sandara

Page 1, you\'ll see

He seemed so...



And sweet.

Then i got to know him.

Always trusting my fathers opinon.

Never knowing anything else

Never afraid of being mistaken

Then came today

He said he was a nice boy

Who would do no harm

That day i was mistaken

Sadley mistaken

Still at 15 i had know no harm

By the time i was 16

Everything had changed

He was horrible

But i couldn't walk away

I felt as if we were worth

The fights

The heartake

The tears

And whatever else

Was include is his package deal

I dreamed of him every night

I talked of him everyday

To this day my heart is his

Moving on?

Not a chance.


Not a chance.

I hate him

I love him

I want him back.

I love him; i love him not

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