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By: Sasha O Rowan

Page 1, Fate of Man

Man is distraught in the Eve of Quintessence
As if caught in a tide
The Knowledge that was sought has proven Luminescence
But Man has not thought yet to decide
Between the fervent purity of Essence
Or the eloquent failings of Pride.

A beacon of Purity so brilliant
It would chase Shadows from the dimmest mans' mind
But Man will not see its adolescence misspent
And will hasten Fears along rather than leave them behind.

Woe to the Sons of Mankind.

If Man will sheathe his Hate and quell his Malice
Leave all the Old Ways disavowed
Repel the Bitter, Distasteful, Ungrateful and Callous
And blossom the Spirit with which Man is Endowed
Then Man has stumbled upon the Miraculous
And made the Sons of Men proud.

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