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Look Past The Veil, See What I See

By: SavvyApple

Page 1, The world isn\'t what it seems to be, there\'s a stupid veil in the way. If I guide you... Could you see past the veil?

Blue skies,

puffy clouds,

green grass,

friendly people,

great lives

in this amazing world.


All that

is the veil,

the Lies,

the Fake.


Polluted air,

dying children

(of starvation 

and child abuse),

global warming.




causing deaths.


ignore it?



How could I,

it's right in front

of our eyes.

But t'is not

what we choose

to see,

we don't accept it,

few in the world do.


Can't you tell?

The world is fake.

Under all that' "green grass"

lay bottles, cans,


Our beautiful

blue sky,

filled with the air 

of gas,

and pollution.



look past the veil.

It is not what it 


But it could be.

It could stop,


slow down,

for we have the power

to stop it.

Few are 

stopping it -

be one of the few.


The first step?

Look past the veil -

See what I see.

And fix it.

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