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untitled for it's sake

By: Shadows of Memories

Page 1, the undetachable


You don’t leave me alone,

You don’t learn to move yourself,

You dull and gloom, dark, uninspired,

What are you scared of my dear?

Or have you fallen in love with my soul?

Why can’t you walk alone,

And enjoy a walk by the path?

Why can’t you learn to stand alone

And be yourself and strong?

Why can’t you think all by yourself

And dream too?

Are you dead or pretend to be so?

What are you fear of and be so scared?

Why can’t you understand, you are not cared?

Are you life or emotional insane?

Why can’t you go and leave me to myself?

Why can’t you be identified and recognised?

You lame, inactive: I just don’t need you.

How could you be locked by yourself,

Till the night fights with dark?

Why can’t you move on and safely let yourself park?

I shout and scream at you so long,

Why can’t you just flee?

Why can’t you breathe and be happy

Without  me?

Why can’t you leave me and away somewhere go?

-‘’because ‘am born to be your dull gloom shadow!”

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