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Couples Dancing

Poetry By: silver 84

This poem was not inspired by a song or just made up. This is really how I feel. This is probably the most heartfelt poem I have written. It is a glimpse into what has been seared into my mind and thought of every day. Six hundred words, each one filled to the bursting point with the sorrow I feel. Literally, I was sitting at one of my ex's birthday parties, which was a dance, thinking these things. and she did just come up to me with her boyfriend like nothing had ever happened between us. I guess to her it hadn't, but it did for me. Please comment and tell me how you liked it. Enjoy

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Couples Dancing

I hate watching couples dance,

Imagining their sweet romance.

The kind things he does,

The way that she loves him,

When he kisses her and she kisses back.

It all makes me cry,

You wonder why?

Because I'm alone, all I've ever been told has been lies.

When they're so close,

Sharing one heart

Their love is eternal,

Mine is doomed from the start.

Secret things are written in her pure white journal,

Memories are made, won't be forgot.

In my book the pages are black,

The ink is red from the blood that's been slashed

From my veins, by someone I loved.

They flowed with the life that they gave me,

But now are steeped in poison, my heart is dead.

They promised to love me

But I was misled.

When they walk hand in hand,

Their feet leaving tracks in the sand

I sit alone in dark despair,

Living in a land I've made for myself inside my head.

All the things they do together,

Warm summer days, cold winter nights,

Laying in the fields,

Or arms entwined in a warm bed,

I am walking all alone through dark places,

Sleeping out in the cold, while all the people's faces

Pass me by.

You may wonder why

I'm always so alone.

I can tell you, I will not lie.

All the people I have known and loved

To me, they were angels from above,

All told me they'd always be true,

But before long, they were through.

Through with me, on to someone new.

Always without a backward glance.

They wore masks hiding their true selves,

When I was there, they always seemed to care,

But when I wasn't they just complained,

Told their friends of what a pain

I was to them.

I tell you, I did nothing wrong,

Respect and love were what I practiced,

Always catering to their every need.

With a smile upon my face.

And only good intentions inside my heart.

I loved them with all my heart, but wasn't loved back.

They used me, I thought it was love,

But it was really just to have someone

To replace who they'd lost.

I was a stepping stone from love to love,

When they were done, aside I was thrown.

To wither and die

While their real loves and they

Lived out their lives.

I see her with him, acting like nothing ever happened.

Approaching me with him in tow, as if it will not hurt me.

Totally forgetting the past I had with her.


Sitting in the back of the hall.

Hearing the music rise and fall,

Singing of love.

The couples sway like trees in the wind,

In the darkened room

As the light, to the sky ascends

And inky darkness fills it in.

The couples are so close in the dying light,

They look as one

And I know that soon they might

Make the vows and be married,

Their young hearts don't want to tarry.

The beautiful young people so deep in love,

Kissing in the cherry grove.

I sit and watch in my despair,

Wishing for my share of love.

But no, I am forever doomed,

Doomed to be alone.

My inner beauty can't quite be shown

Through my exterior, for it to be known

The beautiful person I am inside.

All they want is a gorgeous face,

For physical beauty, their hearts do race.

So I am always in a corner,

Knowing that I'll be forever a loner.

Never approached, so few friends,

This turmoil won't ever end.

And that is why I hate.





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