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Broken Girl

By: Skye Bagshaw

Page 1, Lonliness


Its funny, boy so funny
When you're so lonely
And no one reaches out
And yet you're falling
But they don't know
Or don't know what you're sad about
Reach out, reach out, reach out
To see the girl you once knew
Who was always here for you
And now she's empty, and lonely
She's a broken girl
In a lonely world
And she needs somebody to fight
To save her life,
Her right to feel human once again
She needs you to reach out, reach out
And share your love,
Reach out, reach out for the broken girl
The broken girl,
The broken girl,
She's a broken girl,
Its all or nothing, you can't say:
I kind of care, that's just wrong,
You either do or don't,
And if you do why don't you pick up the phone
To show that you do care and its hard
To see somebody feeling so bad
And I'll always be there, when you're happy and sad
Its so easy, and yet so hard
For people to show how they feel
And to show that what they feel is real,
But if you saved her from drowning in her own misery
She might not do something stupid and have a life
And you won't have the future of regret, and instead pride
Someone you love is still alive,
She goes to every party and now she has fun,
She is involved and isn't lonely anymore

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