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By: Sultry Alice

Page 1, Nymphomania revealed




Katie was a living doll; all the men would chase

The body of a goddess and a classic porcelain face

She had a lack of self-esteem that left a hole in her

Her need to fill that hole; would always reoccur


Replacing confidence with compulsive intimacy

Her behavioral diagnoses was hyper-sexuality

Nymphomania the much more common name

Intense sexual desire fed her engaging game

Excessive Masturbation when she was alone

Seducing all the men that she’d ever known

Totally unable to control her own behavior

Hoping every man, would become her savior


With disregard for physical and emotional harm

She Pursued many men; using all her charm

Impulsive and compulsive sexual addiction

The ever driving force, behind her affliction


A self-perpetuating cycle, trying to relive tension

Unfulfilling; it always created more apprehension

Never experiencing gratification or pleasure

She was held prisoner by those impulses forever



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